Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new trailer release! - 3/27/12 update

Here is the new 5 minute trailer for Hangs Upon Nothing. It features original music by Turbofire to Zenith. The song is called "Hangs Upon Nothing (main title)". An 8.5 minute version of this song is available on the new site....

Here's the new website:

A big thanks to Trevor Gerring from Unkempt Beard for getting the site done.

There's lots of new stuff on the site, including new Turbofire to Zenith music from the soundtrack, and there a 2 new film poster releases also, both hand printed limited editions. Check it out, if you dig the trailer, please share! thanks, -Jeremy

UPDATE 3/27/12

Check out these articles on the project:

Korduroy essay - "Taking a Leap": http://www.korduroy.tv/2012/taking-a-leap

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has checked out the new trailer. And thanks to everyone who has shared it. Thanks for supporting independent film and music. -Jeremy