Thursday, March 8, 2012

bolex in bangkok

I was in Bangkok during the celebration of the King's 60th year on the throne. The city was lit up even more than usual, and everyone was wearing yellow. This was early on while traveling and filming on this project. This was actually the first batch of film I shot with my Bolex, which I bought off Ebay. So I wasn't sure if it even worked properly at this point.

I watched some of the ceremonies of the celebration on television, and I absolutely tripped out when I saw the King had a team of guys shooting the occasion with wind-up 16mm Bolex cameras! Royal Bolex shooters decked out in ceremonial dress. Could not believe it. Almost the exact same model as my camera.

I found one film lab in Bangkok that processed 16mm film, it's at Kantana, which is like the Warner Brothers of Thailand. I showed up there with my girlfriend, and she goes, "Whoa! That's P'_____(don't remember the name, a Thai moviestar)!!!" There was a huge netted golf driving range next to the Kantana building, all part of the complex. I took my 4 little 16mm film cans to the lab, and the lab workers looked a bit puzzled by this. They usually only deal with feature films and commercials I think. We had to then go to the accounting office, a room full of young ladies clad in yellow, where they also seemed really puzzled about my small 4 can 16mm order.

They were all cool to us though. Got my footage back, and at their post house they even let me take a look at it on one of their transfer machines for free to make sure my camera was working properly.

One more thing, I've got a new trailer ready for release. It's 5 minutes long with original music. I think it'll be out next week.