Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Shot the final roll of 16mm film this week for this movie, and dropped it off at the lab today. I froze under the stars out at my cousin's place in rural Indiana, clicking away frame by frame, shooting time-lapse of starfields. By the end of one four hour session one night I turned my headlamp on to discover all my gear including my lens covered in frost. The next session a few nights later was not as frosty. I hope those shots turn out. Doing final color next week on the digital transfer at a post-house called Process Blue in Connecticut. There's a ways to go on the original score, but that's coming together nicely. And I'm looking into how to do an independent tour with a 16mm film print of the movie and a 16mm projector or two, mixing in our music and adding in some live narration too. That's the biggest goal. Stay tuned

Thursday, January 3, 2013

it's nice under here

S16mm Bolex film frames.  This session won't be in the movie, but I really dig a few shots from it.  I think they probably work better as still images than motion picture footage.  I love diving under beautiful reef waves and looking up at them as they pass overhead, feeling the force of them move through and seeing the sun shine through the moving water.  One of the most beautiful places to be on earth.