Wednesday, December 26, 2012

time tunnels or space kites

Graham Mace is a knee boarder and glass artist from Marrawah, Tasmania. I had the good fortune of meeting him and his wife, Esther, while visiting Tasmania, and got to stay at their place for a while too. They built their own house with methods Graham described as being influenced by 1960’s counter-culture. One of their walls is filled with beer bottles that are full of water. When the sun hits it from the outside, they all glow this beautiful amber and help warm the house. All throughout their place, there is beautiful light from the sun shining through Graham’s colorful glass art, a lot of it inspired by waves. Their bathroom is a separate little room outside. It’s more like a capsule to the sky--three sides of it as well as overhead at an angle is all glass, the room is elevated a bit, so that when you sit down, just about all you see is blue sky and clouds.

He had this one trippy rainbow spiraling sort of tunnel piece. I asked what it was and he replied, “Oh that’s a time tunnel or space kite...” I thought that was so awesome, a space kite.

He told me it was a complete surprise when he got this issue of the Surfer’s Journal in the mail and saw his art on the cover.  I am pretty sure it’s the only time the Journal has ever ran a piece of art other than a photograph on the cover.  Graham’s art is breathtaking in person. If you are interested in his work, Graham can be contacted at: egmace (at)

(this is lifted from the piece on mentioned in the previous post)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

triangulation tees

This is the first run of T-shirts for Hangs Upon Nothing.  Hope you dig them!  They are available over at the store at

Monday, December 10, 2012

the moon

The moon shining down on Christmas Island, Kiribati.  I shot this with my Bolex and a 300mm Canon FD lens, single frame exposure from a time-lapse shot.  I remember this night very clearly.  Just sat out under the stars and clicked away while listening to the sounds of the ocean.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Block print out of a series of about 80 or 100, I can't remember now. I use them as greeting cards.  And also here's another custom dvd case/poster concept.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sun & wave

Here's the latest poster/cover design for Hangs Upon Nothing.  I made this for the latest film fest submission I sent out yesterday.  This one really reminds me of Apocalypse Now.  I love some of the poster designs for the movie.  And I'd call that film one of the influences on this project.  I've only seen it once, but it made a strong impression on me.  There's some imagery in that movie you just can't forget.

I think I'll likely explore a lot more designs in this realm.  I love how free it feels, and how the quick spontaneous brush strokes feel to me a lot like an actual wave in motion.  I also like the simplicity of this design, and how the colors match the trailer cover image with Mikala in the barrel.

If you dig this project, you can keep up to date through the film's fb page:

Also, here's the film's main site:

And for some hand printed posters from the film, here's the store at 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

jump for joy

Sketched this at a bar tonight.  Me and my friend Dom sketched lots of stuff: whales, women, birds, random or abstract lines and shapes, lots of fun.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

d e v a

Got the rough idea for this poster design right before I was ready to go to sleep at a reasonable hour a few nights ago.  I decided to jot down a few quick sketch notes on this big piece of newsprint so that by morning I hadn't forgotten about it.  I ended up staying up all night drawing and painting this up.

The brushstrokes of color at the upper left and some other random ones throughout the design were there before I even started drawing.  I had used this piece of newsprint as a table cover when I painted up the dvd case that's in the previous post.  I was using the newsprint to test out my brush as I painted.  I dig those random brush strokes and how they work with this design.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Latest custom dvd case I just painted up today.  I've had this idea for a while now, I want to try out some more designs with it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

the left & the bucket ladies

This is how some of my poster design ideas start out, as quick small sketches without a lot of thought put into them. I'd like to revisit these two designs sometime. Daniel Jones on the left and his brother Mikala on the right, both inspired by rides I filmed of them.  the one of Daniel I painted up bigger.  It can be viewed in the art gallery on the Hangs Upon Nothing site:

& stop by and say what up! on the film's fb page:

Monday, September 24, 2012

the sun and the barrel

Just finished the rough cut of Hangs Upon Nothing a couple days ago.  This is a custom dvd case I made for the very first film fest submission as a documentary feature film.  There's a ways to go with tightening up the edit and finishing up the original score, but I feel like we are now past the most difficult part of the creative process.  Really happy about this.  I'm also really happy with how the film is turning out.  It's turned into more than I envisioned when I first got the idea to make this.

I keep thinking about all the places, all the experiences, and all the people I have met while making this.  Watching the footage from places worlds away from where I am from, it almost feels like it was all a dream.  I keep thinking to myself, wow, did all this really happen?  What I have left from it now are memories, some vivid, some faded, footage burned into 16mm film, also some sound recordings.

There's usually something interesting about anyone's journey in life.  But I also think that surfers have more amazing journeys than most people.  The things one sees and experiences as a surfer are just on a different level than anything else.

I've had flying fish jump out of waves and just miss my face, rocketing past me.  I've been wrapped up in powerful clear barrels watching and filming as my friends flew by right in front of my face.  I can't even put into words what that feels like.  It makes me feel alive, really alive.  Right there in that place you feel the earth's raw energy all around you, passing through you.  You are a part of it.  There have been times I've even felt the energy of the surfboard through the wave as a surfer passed right in front of my face and camera, it's like a wake of energy you can feel.  I've seen dolphins leave trails of glowing phosphorescence in the water as I stood on the bow sprit of Chuck's boat, the Tuaraoi, as we sailed through the night.  I've looked into those dolphin's eyes from a few feet away as they swam excitedly, turned sideways to look up at me, illuminated by the moon and the stars.  I sensed a connection with them, like when you look into a person's eyes and feel something.  What I mean by this is that I sensed these dolphins were thinking something, I sensed I was looking into the eyes of an intelligent creature.

I've been out there in the water after sunset surrounded by skies that just lit on fire 360 degrees.  There was one in particular I saw in Samoa that I don't think could ever be topped.  It was as if the entire sky was painted with billowing beautiful fire, in every direction.  

I've been out there on my board when a water spout came right through a crowded lineup.  It trailed down from the sky like a tornado, all the way down from the clouds.  We watched as it worked its way slowly down off in the distance until it touched the surface of the ocean, and then it slowly approached.  Everyone out there just kept surfing.  And it came right through the middle of the lineup, with everyone hooting and hollering.  It reached shore and flared and then dissipated with the setting sun shining right through it.  With the light shining through it reminded me of the end of The Raiders of the Lost Ark, when they open the ark and spirits and energy swirl through the screen.  It was literally no more than 50 feet away from me when it passed by, and there was a guy riding a wave right in front of me as it passed through.  Would have made a spectacular shot, riding down the line with a water spout 40 feet behind him.  I thought it might lift us up and slam us into the rocks, but I barely felt anything from it.  This was at Honoli'i, Big Island of Hawaii, during the time I was crew on Chuck's boat.  I probably would not believe this story had I not experienced it.  I swear that's a true story.

Surfing to me is so much more than just riding waves.  It's also everything that comes along with it that makes   surfing throughout life such an amazing journey.  It's the people you meet, the friends you make, the music you hear, the music you make, the food you eat, the stories you hear, the stories you will have to tell, the close calls, the risks, the setbacks, the experiences that make you feel very mortal and humbled, the energy you feel in the ocean, the energy you are a part of.  

This is all what I've been trying to capture and convey with Hangs Upon Nothing.  What this experience feels like.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the editing room

While editing my 16mm workprint a couple weeks ago to project for a preview screening, I at first found it slow and challenging.  It had been a while since I edited actual film with a razor blade and tape.  Because of the time it takes to separate and string together shots, hang them on the wall, hand crank the reels, it can make for a different style of editing.  Often times less cuts.

After I was all finished, I thought it might be an OK edit.  I quickly edited together 18 minutes of my band's jam recordings mixed with some field recordings to play along with the footage, not in complete sync with the edit, as I had no way to sync them up.  This audio-visual edit is basically a really rough edit of the beginning of my movie.

I had already done an edit of this section of the movie digitally, a more compicated edit.  I thought it was going to be the better of the two.  But after comparing them, I like the simple edit I did with my workprint way more, and the way the audio goes with it too.  I was really surprised by this.  It just feels fresher I think.  It was less thought out, and I was under pressure to get it done quickly.  So I'm now going back to my digital edit and conforming it to what I did with my workprint.

this project on fb:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tonjo & bleronk

Twin brothers Darmaputra Tonjo and Darmayasa Bleronk, from Padma, Bali.  Scott Goldsbury shot this.  The brothers just make a few brief appearances in the long trailer, but they will be a really big part of the entire film.  I feel really fortunate to have met these guys and been able to film with them the last few years.  They rip, and they're always fun to hang out with, surf with, and film with.  Their whole family is awesome., too.

More of Scott's photography can be seen at:

I'm pretty sure he shot this photo with this huge old stills camera that you can only shoot one shot per film load with.  I'll try to get a photo of his camera to post sometime soon.  It's classic!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

brush & ink

My good friends Deduk and Sarah over in Bali asked me to draw some girls with surfboards.  Here's some that I just kicked out with brush and ink.  Hope they dig em.

You might notice the unique holes punched at the bottom of these pieces of paper, also the drawings numbers, and strange line drawings...this is animation paper I got from a small animation studio I freelance for.  They trace the shadow animations onto separate sheets of paper...shadows that animate over a character's body.  Since the paper is barely handled, and only a small portion is usually drawn on, it makes for awesome sketching paper.  This paper is seriously the best sketching paper in the world, from Cartoon Colour in California, I've never found anything else like it.  I have stacks of this stuff, all pre-used for shadow animation that I've collected over the years(with permission from the studio).  

Friday, August 17, 2012

check check

Demian Amar and Darmaputra Tonjo, late afternoon surf check, Super 16mm film frame.  This shot is not going to be in the final film.  I have a feeling I'm going to be finding lots of frames I like that will never make it into the movie.  As I've mentioned before on here, this frame is from a shot I didn't even think twice about, but for a few frames, I dig the shot.

Just got all the 16mm and Super 16mm film footage I shot over the last six years or so back as digital files, transferred to full 2K(slightly higher res than 1080P HD).

Right now I'm editing the entire film with low res SD files, also transferred from the original film negatives.  I'm editing first in SD since those files are much faster to work with.  Once I have that finished, I'll go back and conform the high res 2K footage to this edit.  Then I'm going to meet up with Ryan Emerson, who has done almost all the color correction on this project so far, and we'll work together on a color correction session of the final edit of the movie.  Well, he's gonna be doing the work, I'm just going to be offering suggestions on what looks good, and how I remember the colors looking in person.

Ryan has a new transfer facility/post-house out in Connecticut.  It's called Process Blue.  They did the recent 2K transfer.  They have a film scanner called the Golden Eye III.  My initial impression of the footage, without color correction, is that their scanner does a wonderful job of capturing film.  It seems to look the closest to actual film of any transfers I've seen so far.  Other film to digital transfers I did up to this point, such as for the trailers, were on Spirits.  Excited to see how all the footage looks after color correction.  Motion picture film, as it comes in raw with no correction, the colors are quite dull.  But after a bit of adjustment, it can look beautiful.

This frame above I grabbed from the new transfer, downsized it, and adjusted colors a bit in Photoshop.

If you dig this project, stop by the page on fb and say yo:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

roller coaster


That's Chuck Corbett on the Moviola screen.  That was after we'd sailed 9 days straight, heading south from Hawaii, over 1,000 miles.  We were taking the battered hobie cat to shore on the atoll.  Living on that boat for a few months made me really appreciate living on land.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

saturn's rings

This is what rolls of 16mm print film look like from the side. I love how light shines through them creating trippy patterns. Reminds me of Saturn's rings. There are thousands of individual full color images on this roll, from the side it just looks like this though.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Yes, I'm actually about to edit with this setup...yeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!

Monday, August 6, 2012

long shot

Daniel Jones heading out, late afternoon, 16mm Bolex Rx-5 film frame, Fujifilm.

Monday, July 23, 2012

triangulation - new poster release!

9" x 24", edition of 55 prints on white Strathmore 100 lb paper.  I(Jeremy Rumas) designed this one, and my friend Matt Ginsberg printed them up at his studio space in Chicago.  They're silkscreen prints, each one printed by hand.  It's a 2 color print, and it's quite vibrant in person.  They are available in my store over at Korduroy.  I'll ship them worldwide.  Anything made off these will go straight towards post-production costs on this film project.  So thanks for your support!

here's some detail shots:

Little Sea Films logo is printed on the back.  It just barely shows through the front side like a ghostly wave watermark, which we really dig!

Friday, July 20, 2012


This was halfway through the silk screen printing process.  Stoked on these!  Big thanks to Matt Ginsberg for printing these up, by hand.  The colors really pop in real life.  The final design has a green layer too.  These will be available tomorrow.

Check out Matt's personal art here, he makes art out of old records:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

new posters on the way

Just got an edition of 55 new posters back from my silk screen printer friend Matt Ginsberg. Will be releasing these on Saturday. Signed and numbered them today. Check back!

Monday, July 16, 2012

go uache!

I've been making mats for some of the art I've made over the course of the film.  I'm going to put a few up for sale soon.  This one I'm keeping though.  Drew this originally while traveling and filming.

this film project on facebook:

Friday, June 29, 2012


Timmy Turner, S16mm film frame.  I think this was his first time back in the tropics after getting a large portion of his skull replaced with an artificial one.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm going to put this wave design on a t-shirt.  It will be inverted though, light blue ink on a dark blue shirt I'm  thinking.  Going to rework the logo design though, I rushed through that.  This one is all gouache.

Monday, June 25, 2012

pink & blue

Sketched this one up with pen and highlighters.  It glows a bit more in real life.  After I started sketching this one I started to think of old Vision Gator decks of the 80's.  So that's a bit of the inspiration on this design.  My first proper deck was a used Gator, complete with neon tail guard, nose guard, and rails.  The board was way too big for me at the time, and too heavy too.  I could barely ollie on it.  I skated it for a long time though, and I still loved it.  I've always loved the graphics on those boards.  The board came with Hosoi Rockets wheels, and I still use those wheels today for skating bowls occasionally. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

is that a space shuttle in that wave?

Here's a recent sketch of a new poster design for the film.  I'd like to make a series of main posters for the film based on this idea of civilization as a wave.  Out of the batch of 50 original posters, there's only five left, so it's about time to make a second series.  This is what it's going to look like, though I'll likely stretch it out more vertically.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

hardkor duroy

Having a bit of fun in my sketchbook with the Korduroy logo.

And I have no idea why this happened, but all the links are now at the bottom of this page on the right.  Scroll down!

darmaputra tonjo

Tonjo, S16mm film frames, shot with my Bolex.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

stained glass

New poster concept fresh outta the sketchbook.  Drew this a while ago, forgot about it, remembered it and then couldn't find which sketchbook it was in.  Found it the other day and just colored it in during the train ride back home this evening.  This one is inspired by my friend Graham Mace's amazing glass art.  I'll be posting about him and his art soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kobalt Spader - Korduroy 2.0 poster concept

Kobalt Spader - he's a little different than his cousin Vader.

I kicked out this poster concept just for fun to celebrate the launch of Korduroy 2.0.  I would love to do a small silkscreen run of these, but I don't think the empire would be very happy about it.  I really dig Korduroy's logo, and I think there's almost endless possibilities for it with poster designs.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

little sea films - 9 waves poster

Here's the first silkscreened poster edition for Little Sea Films.  The 9 waves in this design are taken directly from the hand painted animation I did for the Little Sea Films intro.  I animated it on paper with ink and brush.  This poster is an edition of 60 hand printed by my friend Matt Ginsberg in Chicago.  They're available in the store at

The idea for the name Little Sea Films comes from two places.  It's a reference to Lake Michigan.  And it's also inspired by The Book of Puka Puka by Robert Dean Frisbie.  Frisbie, originally from Ohio, traveled as a young man throughout the atolls of the South Pacific in the early 1900's.  He ended up staying on the atoll of Puka Puka for a few years.  And The Book of Puka Puka is his first hand account of his time there.  While there, he married a young island beauty named Little Sea.

This book is now out of print, but used copies can be found on Amazon and other places.  I highly recommend checking it out if you have any interest in the atolls of the Pacific.  It's a fascinating read by a gifted writer.  It's a look at what atoll life was like before the modern world had made it's mark felt in these far corners of the earth.  It's an amazing adventure.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mikala poster design

I sketched this one a couple years ago from memory of ones of Mikala Jones' rides.  Finally painted it up tonight with gouache.