Thursday, May 20, 2010

gulf of mexico

In the early stages of this project I took a last minute trip down to Texas during Hurricane Rita. This is my favorite image from the trip. During the peak of the swell, a huge tanker headed out to sea right past all the surfers, the tanker riding up and down on the swells. It was a spectacular site. And I felt it summed up Gulf Coast surfing well. Eerie looking at this now with the current spill.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Some portraits I did last July after a trip with some of the guys in the film. This one was to a remote corner of Indonesia on a local boat. Mikala Jones, his brother Daniel, and Timmy Turner. Daniel at top in the barrel of a lifetime. And that drawing of Timmy is of how he reacted when I asked him about his artificial skull. Without hesitation he told me to feel the line around his entire head where his real skull ends and his new one begins. Amazingly, all the scars are under his hair and you can't see them when his hair is grown out.

There is a great write up on Timmy here:

poster concepts

Here are some poster concepts for the film I painted a while back. I made these small scale and painted them on hand made dvd cases for some different edits of trailers I have made so far.