Wednesday, December 26, 2012

time tunnels or space kites

Graham Mace is a knee boarder and glass artist from Marrawah, Tasmania. I had the good fortune of meeting him and his wife, Esther, while visiting Tasmania, and got to stay at their place for a while too. They built their own house with methods Graham described as being influenced by 1960’s counter-culture. One of their walls is filled with beer bottles that are full of water. When the sun hits it from the outside, they all glow this beautiful amber and help warm the house. All throughout their place, there is beautiful light from the sun shining through Graham’s colorful glass art, a lot of it inspired by waves. Their bathroom is a separate little room outside. It’s more like a capsule to the sky--three sides of it as well as overhead at an angle is all glass, the room is elevated a bit, so that when you sit down, just about all you see is blue sky and clouds.

He had this one trippy rainbow spiraling sort of tunnel piece. I asked what it was and he replied, “Oh that’s a time tunnel or space kite...” I thought that was so awesome, a space kite.

He told me it was a complete surprise when he got this issue of the Surfer’s Journal in the mail and saw his art on the cover.  I am pretty sure it’s the only time the Journal has ever ran a piece of art other than a photograph on the cover.  Graham’s art is breathtaking in person. If you are interested in his work, Graham can be contacted at: egmace (at)

(this is lifted from the piece on mentioned in the previous post)