Sunday, August 19, 2012

brush & ink

My good friends Deduk and Sarah over in Bali asked me to draw some girls with surfboards.  Here's some that I just kicked out with brush and ink.  Hope they dig em.

You might notice the unique holes punched at the bottom of these pieces of paper, also the drawings numbers, and strange line drawings...this is animation paper I got from a small animation studio I freelance for.  They trace the shadow animations onto separate sheets of paper...shadows that animate over a character's body.  Since the paper is barely handled, and only a small portion is usually drawn on, it makes for awesome sketching paper.  This paper is seriously the best sketching paper in the world, from Cartoon Colour in California, I've never found anything else like it.  I have stacks of this stuff, all pre-used for shadow animation that I've collected over the years(with permission from the studio).