Sunday, December 5, 2010


This past summer in Indo I was shooting with the local guys in Padma, and this tall young blonde haired guy comes out of the water with broken swim fins and his camera in a ziploc plastic bag type housing. He tells me he's been shooting with all the same local guys I was shooting with. I'm thinking, great, now every time I want to shoot with the crew, this guy with the tea time accent is going to be sticking his plastic bag into the shots, awesome.

Turns out Scott Goldsbury is a really great guy. He's from New Zealand. The local crew view him as family almost. And he can shoot some nice photos. I couldn't believe he took his most valuable possession out in a plastic bag at the break pictured above. Its pretty thick plastic to be fair. We ended up shooting quite a bit together with all the local guys and it was a lot of fun. Scott is now one of the contributing photographers for hangs upon nothing. Thanks for jumping on board Scott!

above photos © 2010 Scott Goldsbury