Monday, December 6, 2010


10 year old Raju at his home break in Padma, Bali. Scott Goldsbury shot these also.

"Hey, hey!!! Me!! Me!!! Shoot me!!!!" I hear this kid say as I'm getting in the water a year ago to shoot with some of the older local guys there. He paddles out around me, and first wave he catches in the shore break he throws up a huge frontside slash right in my face. His board was all beat up and yellowed, and had hilarious scribbles and drawings all over it.

Raju charges for a young kid. He's not afraid of barreling closeouts. He's out there surfing right alongside all the older guys every day, like Dylan, Bleronk, and Tonyo, and he's learned a lot from them.

A few months ago Raju got his first sponsor, Hurley. Its a really big deal for him and his family. They are helping to pay for his schooling for one.

Raju's dad, Bala, teaches surfing right our front at Padma Beach. You can't miss him, he the only guy around there with a big curly silver/black mullet. The school right on the beach is called Soul Surfer School.

I really dig the top photo of Raju in the barrel. It sums up this kid's personality, and just how much fun he has surfing. The couple magazines Scott showed this photo to did not want it since you could not see his board or any logos.

above photos © 2010 Scott Goldsbury