Wednesday, January 14, 2015

silver screens

Hangs Upon Nothing recently premiered in these places:

Bali, Indonesia: Balinale Interenational Film Festival

I was able to attend this premiere and watch the film on a big screen with a lot of the guys who are in the movie. I sat next to Tonjo during the screening, and he and his brother Bleronk both loved the film. That was great to hear, and a relief! It was surreal seeing the movie with all of them in a proper movie theater. We projected from a 2K DCP, and I was really pleased with the color and detail, and sound, quite blown away by it actually. After many trips, a long time filming and then editing and scoring the film, this screening felt like things coming full circle with the project. 

Also was able to meet Lawrence Blair who along with his brother made the 16mm Ring of Fire documentary series a few decades ago, and recently authored a great adventure of a book by the same title. He's quite a character. A big thanks to Lawrence, Scott Goldsbury, Deborah  Gabinetti, and the whole Balinale crew for making this screening happen.

While there, artist/photographer friend Scott Goldsbury and I kicked out a run of 48 screen printed posters for the premiere. We gave them away at the screening.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA: Doctoberfest

The Cape Ann Community Cinema in beautiful Gloucester is probably the coolest theater I've ever been to. It's full of couches and random comfy chairs. If you love movies, check this place out. For other surf filmmakers out there, I recommend contacting Rob Newton, the theater owner, he's up for showing more surf films. We had a nearly full house and the audience was filled with both local surfers and people who just like independent cinema. Met a lot of great people at this place, and the next morning the surf was really quite good, offshore and reeling. 

Rob is another character who lives and breathes cinema. Had a fun time talking Star Wars with him, and checking out his original Revenge of the Jedi poster. The theater has a black "Darth Refrigerator" filled with drinks complete with Darth Vader mask on top, a cape, and Vader chest plate. Rob also has a big library of DVD's along the walls that he lets theater members borrow.

Joensuu, Finland: Rokumentti Rock Film Festival

This looks like a great rock music themed festival. I was really excited that they invited Hangs Upon Nothing to screen there. The show sold out. 

I got a kick out of their write up:

"A wickedly beautiful world.

Now this is a film with plenty of DIY attitude! Hangs Upon Nothing is a surf film which has its main focus on experiencing life and eternal summers on a place called Earth. The entire film has been shot with a spring-wound 16 mm camera from the 1960s, and the result is magnificent! Experiencing this film in the darkness of November is as invigorating as a week-long yoga retreat on a desert island.

The director Jeremy Rumas travels across the world, chasing the eternal summer with a suitcase filled with film reels that can’t be exposed to X-rays at airport security. The film follows surfers of different ages who have quit the rat race and now dedicate their lives to surfing. A reverbing steel guitar plays in the background and the world looks so appealing and beautiful that one could almost cry a little. Escapism? Yes, the best possible kind!

We recommend this film to anyone who’s feeling down because of the darkness or stress."

Porto Alegre & Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Also had two screenings at the Mimpi Surf & Skate Film Festival. Obrigado.

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