Thursday, January 6, 2011


The long 5 minute trailer for the film is nearing completion, and so is the first run of film posters. Chicago artist Matthew Ginsberg is doing a silk screen print run of 50 posters based on my design above. The idea of the art here is civilization and the earth itself in the form of a breaking wave. Streets, fields, construction cranes, people, ferris wheels, volcanoes, everything, throwing over into a barrel.

Last night a few of us in the revolving lineup of friends that is Turbofire to Zenith recorded percussion for the trailer finale. Mike Regan's booming drums sounded huge. Jason Lukas shot photos and got on the bass. We're recording on the second floor of a barn where Mike and his friend Stephan have a recording/jam space set up. Fittingly, they call it The Barn. It's an awesome space to create music, and it's a big sounding room.